Thursday, August 30, 2007

you've never heard of me...that sounds absurd to me

Oh i am so excited! tomorrow i head over to Seattle for a day of leisure and to attend the Bumbershoot festival for the first time.
Bumbershoot is a music and arts festival at the seattle center that looks quite cool but it's been a little stressful to figure out. many of you who have traveled with me know that i like to do alot of research and planning before i got on a trip. i like to know where i am going (maps), know what time things open, and like to have a little bit of an itinerary of what i want to see. not having been to bumbershoot and knowing not a soul who has, has caused a major lack of information which is a little overwhelming.

my main goal at bumbershoot is to see "gym class heroes" in concert.
oh i love concerts and this one i am soooooooo stoked about. my friend michelle and i have loved this guys for awhile and are way excited to hear travis say "so sexy" in person. but they are playing on the mainstage, and although we have tickets for saturday's festival we have to wait in a "first come first serve basis line" to get tickets to their show in the evening. stressful! i hope it all goes okay. hopefully, i will be hearin' gym class heroes live saturday night. yippee.


Kimmy said...

It does seem very strange that you and know one you know have never been to Bumpershoot. I'm sure you'll get it all figured and have a great time. Then we get to go over again next on!

mumovearls said...

have fun this weekend

Lindsay said...

Hope it's fun. See you on Monday!

Anonymous said...

i'm sure you guys will do fine...but you are the best trip planner i know. "angie-nerver leave home without her" love ya! nette nette

Alissa Maxwell said...

Oh Angie, so sad I didn't read your post sooner. I could have been some help (having worked multiple summers in a Bumbershoot food booth), but I'm sure you have figured it out by now and are having a fabulous time. Bumbershoot has such a great vibe and you are bound to run into some surprisingly great (and awful) music over the weekend.

Plus, I can't think of a better place to PEOPLE WATCH... I've never seen more "interesting" body piercings that during the Sex Pistols show. Yikes!