Tuesday, August 14, 2007

I dont know your name but excuse me miss...I saw you from across the room

who knew that such lines as...

"Do you think magic spells work?"
"Oh my gosh, did you see those two girls fighting outside?"
"Do you floss before or after brushing"

...were actual conversation starters that help you pick up the opposite sex. i didn't, well not until mystery, matador, and j dogg told me so last night on "the pick-up artist". it's fascinating. one simple sentence is all it takes to draw someone in and engage them in conversation. This show is so intriguing to me, besides the fact that matador is kind of fly, because my biggest fear is the approach, and to know that it can be so simple is crazy to me.

i was sad to see spoon go last night. with his makeover he was looking surprising like "mr . hahn" from linkin park, and i thought he had such potential to be an amazing ladies man. but his insecurities got the best of him, and he quit. it made me cry.


Kimmy said...

Yes, the approach is definitely the hardest part...no matter if it's a guy or girl or whatever the setting. Those are very good starters. I have a hard time even going up to new people at church and talking to them. Maybe I'll have to pull out the "girls fighting" line...that would definitely be appropriate!

Lindsay said...

Ha! That's funny Kim. Is it sad that the line would be appropriate at church?

ashleyboice said...

I love that show. I don't understand how Mystery even gets girls...Back in my prime if he walked up to me in a club...I am sorry I don't think he would have a chance. I am not even picky I just hate the hats and eyewear on the head.