Tuesday, August 21, 2007

playin'...playin' with the boys

i am easily entertained, i know this, but i still think watching the family volleyball games was pure entertainment. my singles ward is currently obsessed with volleyball, and they play it every week (annoying). the thing that makes me laugh is nobody in our ward is getting any better, but apparently they do it for "fun" and that enough for them. not our family. i am not competitive when it comes to sports (now trivia games are a whole other subject), but even i felt the rush of adrenaline and the need to "crush" the other team when i got put into a couple of games. i suck, well probably not suck so much as as " i need some massive improvements". but i enjoyed myself thoroughly and thank each of my male family members for not mocking me too much and
lettin' me hang with them. things got pretty intense and way fun to watch when the men stopped patronizing the women and finally toke over the court. who knew we had such athleticism in our family (okay so maybe the most athletic ones were all in-laws..but still)?


Kimmy said...

That is funny...it was mostly the in-laws that had any skill. Well, at least Jared represented!

dirty>south said...

yeah, it's hard to play when you're pregnant.