Monday, August 13, 2007

Living the life in the fast lane, and I won't change..

A typical weekend in the life of this single girl, is usually full of such glitz and glamor that i feel the need to shield the married girls of the world from such excitement...but this weekend was a little more laid-back and thus i can fill you in on the details. i hope it's not too much to handle.

friday we had a few friends over and rocked it out to a new game called singstar. it's a PS2 game and it's way rad. you can do team battles, head-to head, or pass-the-mic games. the words (and videos) for songs come on the screen and you get points based on correct lyrics, tone, rhythm. it's so fun. my highlight was beating my friend emily (the only talented singer of the bunch) on whitney houston's "i wanna dance with somebody". don't know how i pulled that one out, but i "worked it out dogg".

saturday, after waking up about 11:30 (went to bed about 4:30), "i got my sun on" all day long with the girls (and my mom). it was awesome. i did swim a couple laps and entertained my crowd with some amazing dance moves in order to get my exercise in for the day and feel somewhat productive. we plugged in my ipod and relaxed, swam, and ate while we listened to my bubblegum pop mix. nothing like catching some rays, while soul decision's "faded" plays in the background. after a serious inner struggle to convince myself that i needed to attend yet another wedding reception, i got ready and we headed over to aubrey's shin-dig. most of the time was spent watching the wedding video for pictures of me to show up, and wow....what horrible pictures....why did you guys let me eat....ever? and let me not even talk about my hair....oh the pain. hahahahhaa.

after a quick appearance, me, michelle, and i headed to dinner then to hastings to purchase a toy that i have been dying to get since i heard it existed there. my "silent bob" bobblehead.

don't know how many of you know who kevin smith is, let alone how much i love him. he's one of favorite directors, and from what i have heard about him and from him, a pretty cool person as well. he makes me happy. anyway he plays a character "silent bob" in a majority of his films, a character that is based solely on facial expressions, until a critical point in the movie where he breaks his silence and offers up some important and profound thoughts....a great character, and now i have his bobblehead. (picture below is from clerks 2)

i have placed it on the shelf next to my other two pop-culture toys (prized possessions). my dwight k. schrute bobblehead ( i am thinking about starting a collection) and my chris kirkpatrick marionette doll from the no strings attached album ( i thought with chris' current participation the man:band program it was only fitting to bring the marionette out of retirement).

after a busy day of sun, fun, and shopping i retired to the usual position and hung out the the girls watching tv....what a day!


Kimmy said...

That really does sound like a nice weekend. There's nothing better than being by the pool with the music on soaking up the sun. I do miss those days!

Lindsay said...

Sounds like fun. We had the most boring weekend ever. It's hard being stuck in the apartment on weekends. Carson had 2 birthday parties so I felt like his chauffeur.

Colleen Conlin said...

Has anyone told you you should try out for the "Don't forget the lyrics" show? You would ROCK it!!!

ashleyboice said...

Dang playstation...why do they have such awesome singing games??? All I dream of everynight is having those singing games with the madonna head mic. Ohhhh. I honestly think if I had those games I would ignore my kids all day and just sing and practice all waking hours. I wish I still believed in santa...I would ask him for that.