Thursday, August 16, 2007

it's the final countdown....

i feel like the winds of change have blown in and new things are on the horizon. although i am sad to say goodbye to SYTYCD, i am not sad to say goodbye to my work/computer problems which i have now (after how many days?) solved. times are changin. so as new things come up...the reunion....i need to first share my thoughts....


1. a standing ovation...really? a standing ovation for danny's solo....was that necessary? you mine as well hand him the trophy (is there a trophy?). it's not like he cured cancer...he did some leaps, but leaps none the less.

2. i liked the fox routine. i know dan said either you would like it or hate it, and i am on the " hmmm. i think i liked it" side. sometimes for me, wade can be a little to....asian....for a white guy, but i think this was a cool routine. i find it interesting how they loved the hummingbird/flower routine, but didn't understand this one. weren't they very similar?

3. how come they expect every hip hop routine to be "hard"? sometimes hip hop is fun and bouncy. with that music choice, i think the routine had to be a little more soft and bouncy. it's not like it was them dancing to "candy shop" and not being sexy...that wouldn't have made sense (right jared and aaron?). the song was more fun and happy than other hip hop least i thought. was it my favorite? no, but when nigel said it wasn't "hard enough" for him, i was like....i don't think it was supposed to be...was it?

4. dang it...i really liked lacey and danny's waltz. usually ballroom for me on this show has been a little boring, but i was enthralled with this performance. i thought it was beautiful. dang it.

5. i don't think sabra was showcased enough last night. and i am worried. i really like her, and i really wanted a girl to win this year. i think i just need to come to the realization that either danny or lacey will win. sad day.

I am really excited for this week to be over, mostly because it is now party time and you all know how much i like party's. it's going to be amazing. i look forward to seeing most of you there. here's hoping doug never says "the party's over" (woah i just had a childhood flashback).

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Kimmy said...

I seriously feel the same way as you about every point you made. I voted for Sabra a ton. I was very surprised, however, when Nigel said something about a girl winning this year.

So excited for the reunion! The good news is we're old enough now that we can say "No way" to Doug...but I have a feeling we don't have to worry about that! =)