Tuesday, August 14, 2007

we can dance if we want to...

to all my family: answer ASAP


question #1: this dance that we talked about....is it an official "dance" or let's have angie play music and maybe we will dance if we want to. i need to know cause that's two different playlists to put together, and i like things to flow the way they are supposed to.

question #2: what songs do want to hear? i have started compiling songs from oldies, to disco, to 80's pop, to 90's dance music to current. so if you have any requests please post. don't worry ash, i got "usher's yeah" all ready (i remembered you said your kids liked it, and so do i).

question #3: should i include slow songs? i would think it would be a good opportunity to get some dance time in with your significant others, which probably doesn't happen much anymore, but you tell me.

thanks for the help. love you.


Kimmy said...

I would love to have a time that set aside as "dance time". When that would be is the question. Maybe after the family video or movie...or in between. I would think even just an hour or something like that, so we don't intrude on anyone else'e plans.

As far as actual music choices, I'm cool with whatever you pick out. I know you have way better taste and have a better memory than I do. It sounds like you're on a roll.

Do I care if you include slow songs? Not really, to tell you the truth. Yeah, Aaron might slow dance with me once, but I'd rather spend most of the time getting down with my girls! Maybe throw in a few slow songs.

Hope that helps!!

Lindsay said...

When are we having a dance? I didn't even know it was an option. Apparently I need to pay closer attention to things.

I always love whatever playlist you put together. I do think it would be fun to put some slow dances in.

Kimmy said...

We are making it an option!

dirty::south said...

timmy t - one more try.

there's this fly honey I want to ask to dance.

mumovearls said...

hey angie I think the tom earl family will dance we'll have myca and jared and brandon and lysh home so we'll be ready to freak! I think you'll do an awesome job on music choices-nena

Samantha said...

it looks like there is a pretty strick schedule going on, but i'm sure there's got to be an hour somewhere in there that we can get our groove on.

if we do slow dances, i wouldn't think we'd need more than just a few.

and my only request for music is "living la vita loca"... just kidding (remember our first dance at the hardy's place?) But truthfully, i wouldn't mind a little nsync... for old time sake!

ashleyboice said...

Ohhhh....maybe we could dance at night one of the nights...like late after the kiddos are asleep. Then we can get down and dirty. I do have a song that reminds me of dancing at church dances over in bellevue (sp??) we used to sing "hey ho no no get away you fat Bleep. So that would be fun. Ohhhh honestly I think anything will be awesome. Can't wait. Ash

One of the family dances I remember the most (besides the many we had at tom and gail's) was the one we had in grandma's back yard...Charlie came to that one and I was just a young stalker then...I was soo giddy. (i know daishan pulled some major strings to get him there and he just thought I was crazy.) I still spent the night dancing with my girlies though.

Myca said...

Hey we are so in! With our group we can always make time for a dance. I think you have got to have some of the new hip hop songs that are good right now too so we can all get our freak on! hahaha I am so excited. Jared is too....just wait till you put the music on he will kill you.

Samantha said...

ashley that's the dance i think of too! and sam cain was there and that was during MY young stalking days as well. we danced to a boys to men song. it rocked.

ashleyboice said...

Hahaa Sam...boys to men...ahhh.