Monday, August 27, 2007

private eyes are watching you, they see your every move

p.d.a: public displays of affection

With the invention of the world wide web, and more importantly the invention of social websites such as myspace and facebook p.d.a has now become a "world wide" epidemic. long gone are the simple days of face to face awkwardness as you try and turn your head when an overly affectionate couple starts their disgusting babytalk or petname calling to each other. now in the world of cyberspace you have to try and avoid the awkward comments that couples leave each other on their respective myspace/facebook pages. why do couples do this? why can't they send a private message? a text message? or better yet just turn to your partner (who most likely is probably sitting in the same room waiting for you to get done on the internet) and confess your love for them there. leave the rest of us out of it. when perusing the usually innocent and somewhat silly comments, such as "hey buddy. you're gay. what you up to? call me, left on these said social websites, it is awkward and downright uncomfortable to come across a "hey-love you babe- miss you tons" or "last night was amazing, i love you" comment. it makes the reader feel like a voyeur, as if reading this has somehow invaded their privacy and the reader is now perversely looking in on their personal space. but it's not the readers fault, it's the couples fault, and it needs to stop. i understand that people love each other, and often couples love to declare that affection multiple times during the day, but isn't that what personal text messages, phone calls, or a card attached to some pretty flowers are for?....not an open forum where anyone can read what an awesome night john doe provided jane doe last night, or how much jane misses john's lips.

however, to clarify, this rant does not included a blog or posting that is purposefully designed to let the world know how awesome ones significant other/spouse is and how much they appreciate and love them. those i understand. it's the personal comments, inside jokes, or the declarations of "i can't live without you" that are clearly meant for one person's eyes that are unnecessary and frankly just plain awkward. nobody wants to read that.


Lindsay said...

I'm not into PDA's either. I haven't gotten on myspace/facebook too much so I guess I haven't run into too many of those awkward messages. "last night was amazing" kinda sicks me out though. Your mind can run to a million places with that one.

melanie said...

I don't have a my space but I'll admit to some snooping (who hasn't, please say yes everyone) and I am annoyed every single time I see comments like that. I just don't get it, I find it totally immature and unnecessary. And it isn't because I don't love people and want them to know it. I love your comment it is not the readers fault...agree 100%! Oh and the other thing I find ridiculous is when you know the people aren't that happy but they leave these sick, sappy comments about their love and you know they cheat on each other or crap like that.

Man I guess I have an opinion on this one Angie. I think it needs to stop too!

Kimmy said...

This cracks me up because it's so true. It is so annoying. I have read full on conversations on myspace between couples that make me want to throw up.